All processing of fiberglass is done in-house, from making the molds and forming the tent to the production of GRP components, so we can guarantee that everything meets our exacting standards.

Gel- Coat Colour Matching


We can match any non-metallic color: Because we introduce this as part of the production process, there is no chance of exfoliation / blistering that can occur with later applied lacquer.

We use resin that can withstand the highest possible heat development to minimise deformation that can be obtained in polyester resin. This ensures minimal expansion so that the roof can even handle the hottest days.



By using a special expansion hinge in our camper roofs, the leg space in the sleeping roof is excellent. The roof is structured so that it offers maximum strength at minimum weight and the hexagonal plastic core also serves as an incredibly effective insulating panel. Although often overlooked, a good mold can make a big difference in the quality of the product. All

our molds are made of durable and sustainable vinyl ester resin and are inspected and maintained weekly, which means that our product meets the highest demands every time.

All our camper roofs are standard fitted with a canvas cloth from Tencate fabric, or if desired we can provide your roof with a synthetic canvas tested by the navy, this means no water permeability, so no more worries about unpredictable weather.