Happy table boxx


The happy table is made of

  • 10 mm laminated birch wood with a hard top layer.
  • The side is finished with 2mm silver plastic edging.
  • Size: 840 mm x 510 mm x 10 mm.
  • The fold out legs are manufactured in lightweight aluminum and are black coated.
  • The height of the table is 73 centimeters.

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The Happy Table boxx is mounted directly on the sliding door and requires absolutely no adjustment to your sliding door.
You simply remove the existing VW trim and replace it with the Happy Table Boxx, re-using the existing mounting clips.
The Happy Table Boxx fits every sliding door of all left-hand drive VW T5 and T6 models that have been manufactured since 2004. {The Happy Table Boxx not suitable for the Caravelle and multivan}
The system is suitable for use in both SWB and LWB models with or without an electrically operated door.

The Happy Table Boxx contains the following in the boxx:

  •  1x the Happy Table Boxx door trim
  •  Manufactured in gray leather-grain effect ABS Plastic, designed to complement the original internal plastics used in the VW T5 and T6 series.
  • High quality folding camping table made of 10 mm laminated birch wood finish finished with wear-resistant 2 mm plastic edge with uniquely designed folding legs made of lightweight aluminum and finished with black color coatng and adjustable feet.
  • 1x installation manual
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions with clear photos and a link to an installation video.
  • The height of the table is 73 centimeters.

In addition, you need the following tools (not included):
◦ Trim clip removal tool or 3 mm Allen key (to remove existing VW trim clamps).
◦ Soft hammer (to press the clipping clamps when you use them again).